Scrambi Eggs (scrambi) wrote,
Scrambi Eggs


Okay, back to as normal as I get. What a shitty forkin week. The reel was running one cel delay, and not starting to make consider a healthy junk habit. Growbie is back home, and we had beer and chicken. Says he's going to give me money for x-mas, and so's pa... all's I got to give is hemmorhoids, and the promise that if I ever make a few dollars I'll give back a little. I sure have managed quite a while without working... it's nuts. Hopefully I'll get to SF to see Johnny and his new loft. As a housewarming gesture I'm going to shatter the Freud poster before it roosts above his bed and creeps out the new generation of on-toppers. He makes me so crazy that it's started to become structural in my life. It feels like home. We'll wrestle soon. Proof you never fall out of love, and that there's no orthodoxy in any of my traditions... Tomorrow I go with Jos to get her HIV test results. I'm sure she's fine. I think I pissed Lisa off big time the other night by leaving with Hobbes. My Beloved Bucket retuens in three days... Life is boring lately...
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