Scrambi Eggs (scrambi) wrote,
Scrambi Eggs

Jigga what????

I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up... not even a line of my own, as it goes, but a proper mantra for us wrecks... mythical, magical, you gotta see it, threatening, deafening, you wouldn't believe it, you said this was what you wanted, so now you gotta be it... there's a legend locked inside you, you'll be reckless till you free it... pacing, racing circles in your trusty little pen... always ending up where you've always been... resenting the routine you perform yet again...why retread you're tires when they'll only sit and spin... worn down, bald, and busted, dangerously thin... as quick to rip and tear as your neglected skin... that shrouds you like a buriel flag... detering any future friend... there is a tale, a course like history, mummified within... so much effort on the eulogy, too busy to begin... maybe NOT indulging your senses is the true original sin... no God of mercy sends you into the world, to prove you love him by handing back the gifts you were given... made by his crafty hand, he must a planned for us to be livin...
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