Scrambi Eggs (scrambi) wrote,
Scrambi Eggs

Riedy ro ruff ruff ruff

Mucus is created when a cell sloughs itself off rapidly in order to cleanse itself of the offensive. Ancient Mayans used to go around severing heads and draining the skull snot into granite cauldrons. They would boil the phlegm to a think paste and send it in care packages to the starving children of Cabrini Green. Any left over was kept for a ceremonial lubricant and pomade. That's why there are so few ninjas today (more on that later...) Considering myself a stellar amatuer anthropologist I have attempted to draw paralleles between the kindness of the Mayans, and neurosis I cough up like black tar loogies. How could something so soft make me so angry? Evil little Gremlin... you know who you are. I spit loogies in your hair when you aren't looking. Kiss, kiss.
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