Scrambi Eggs (scrambi) wrote,
Scrambi Eggs

Boil your own noodle, Lawnmower Man

This is fun. Avuncular: refering to the uncle. Learned that one today. Use it in a sentence please: My erotic standard was forever set by the avuncular freak-fests of grammer school. Peanut butter for desert. Nums... if only I had some of those mini M&M's I might stop hysterically sobbing. Hey Capitol "H", do you think it is reflective of you that you get these loonies in your sphere? You torture and you like to be tortured. Na-duh. I have eaten so many words, and don't tell you the half of my endeavors. I can't expose secrets for my own ego-oey purposes... I just wanted to you to know that I thought you were extra-ordinary. I'm the biggest nerd you will ever meet. Nonetheless, I would take her to the fucking mat just to prove a point to you. I do not declare my instability as a direct result of any trauma or chemical discrepency, in a toe-to-toe pilot shoot for the Monday night movie "My shitty childhood" I will outsell any medicated bitch you bring to the table. Know it. You once said it was a malice thing that made her and me different. It's in me, it's just not my weapon of choice. If we came to a bare-knuckle brawl I will kill her, mangle you, and blacken my own eye. The sheer rediculous gayness of all of this is the bittersweet syrup on it. If you wern't so goddamn cute. If you didn't have that pubescent crack in your voice when you get all exited reading Strongbad's new entry I would run you over with my truck three months ago. Oh... yea, happy three months, I think... Oh yea, take 2: THe Vu called. They lowered their standards, pass it on.
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