Scrambi Eggs (scrambi) wrote,
Scrambi Eggs

Super Absorbancy

Ugh. My guts are un-happy. I think I may have got myself in a li'lle bit of trouble. Why can't some people just play? How could this muppet behave like a 2 year old after such a vulnerable exposure of fear of his graying felt. I found the whole thing wholey pathetic, so was the that the obvious component that has freaked him out? Of course I thought he was cooler! He's Fozzie the Bear! How was I to know? Politics are stoopid. I'm over it, ya forkin weirdo. (P. Muffin... do not decipher this cause it's not bitching about you. Since you'll be the only one reading this I'm sure, I'll direct shit right to you. Kiss)
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