Scrambi Eggs (scrambi) wrote,
Scrambi Eggs

Mother fucking fuckety fuck...

"You havn't stopped believing in love, have you?" Naw, course not... I've just come to see that the good part, the tingly part, is super human... it's like sunbreaks. You couldn't harness it if you tried, so I don't try. I'm either lazy, pussy, or genius. So, you gotta go, I know that. I'm gonna cry for Argentina, but I'll pretend I've got cum in my eye or something:)... P. Muffin, I guess this is about you too. It's about all of you. Nobody's gonna make me sad 'cept Mr. Gump... Being serious SUCKS!!!!
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No idea who you are talking about..but
just wanted to say hi.
and that it was good seeing you last night. hopefully we will see each other again some day soon! xo
i don't know who she is talking about either... argentina? i didn't know you had such a sensitive side. "sunbreaks"??? "tingly"? kristee, is this you???? oh yeah - cum in the eye... thats gotta be you.

hey, next time you stand me up - for any reason - you are gonna have to lick a whole carpet of ball sacks just to get close enough to speak to me. a sparse pube hair forest. an elephant skin escalator. a nut sack nap sack. and so on....

and then before you speak to me, you have to pick all the hairs out of your teeth.

with tweezers.

in the snow.

wearing nothing but a cock sock.

on each ear.

and maybe some moon boots.

that is all.